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Husqvarna 401 Motorcycle Concepts

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Swedish motorcycle company Husqvarna unveiled two incredible '401' road bike concept designs at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. Drawing inspiration from one of their own vintage 1955 designs, the two machines are made with upside-down WP forks, lightweight trellis frames and 17-inch wheels. The engine is a 400cc water-cooled single and the output is 43hp. All this and they both weigh less than 300 pounds each. The Svart Pilen, which means "black arrow" in Swedish, has a high muffler, an upright riding position and is finished with a sleek black coat with yellow piping. The Vit Pilen, or "white arrow", is created to be what a stripped down street bike should look like, with a simple design and clean lines. Crafted by industrial design company KISKA, the Husqvarna 401 concepts will gauge public reaction before going into possible production. Take a look at more photos below.