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District 9 Director's New Film "Chappie" – Trailer | Video

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Do you ever promise yourself not to grow emotionally attached to robots in movies like The Iron Giant but fail miserably? It's okay, we're only human (get it?). From Neill Blomkamp, the visionary behind science-fiction sleeper hit District 9, comes his next film, Chappie. Upon watching the trailer, you'll find that Chappie is a curious robot that can "think and feel", according the Dev Patel, who plays one of the title characters. The A.I. learns about the world by watching He-Man and interacting with people who teach him to be "cool and tough" with gold chains and things (you silly robot!). The always delightful Sharlto Copley voices the gentle machine, as the film explores the way people reject what they do not know. Watch the awesome first trailer for Chappie below.