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Ford Racing Mustang GT King Cobra with 600+ HP | Unveiled

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There's a new king sitting atop the Ford food chain: the Ford Racing Mustang GT King Cobra. Producing more than 600 hp, this new King Cobra GT was first unveiled at SEMA this week and it is clearly designed to own the road and the drag strip. Packed with a range of the brand's top gear, new King Cobra comes with three types of kits installed to improve your driving experience: The Drag Pack, the Handling Pack, and the Super Pack. The first includes heavy-duty half shafts and a reinforced sub-frame kit with high-performance bushing to improve traction and put maximum power to the asphalt. The Handling Pack includes new rear shocks, a stabilizer bar kit, and lowering springs to do just that: improve on the road responsiveness. Finally, the Super Pack provides a 2.3-liter Twin Vortices supercharger to the 5.0-liter V8 engine, pushing its power over 600 horses. Its helped along with a new six-rib belt drive system, a new intake manifold and electric throttle body, new high-flow fuel injectors, and a new Ford Racing ECU. All told, this Cobra strikes down the quarter-mile in 10.97 seconds.