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Hardcore – The First Ever Action POV Feature Film | Video


For all you lazy stay-at-home thrill seekers, there's finally a movie that puts you right into the shoes of a bona fide action hero. Hardcore is an upcoming sci-fi adventure film shot in a first-person perspective, the very first of its kind. Filmmaker Ilya Naishuller made a similar violence and action-packed music video last year and decided to campaign for his first full-length feature on Indiegogo, after gathering a rather large following along with millions upon millions of views. It even stars Sharlto Copley from films, like District 9 and Chappie. Shot using an army of GoPros, the trailer plays out like a scene from Call of Duty or Counter-Strike, as a moustache-clad Copley helps you blow up and shoot down enemies. Check out the trailer below and head over to Naishuller's Indiegogo page to support his efforts.