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Motoped "Survival Bike"

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Motoped blurs the lines between mountain bike and motorcycle with their line of awesome hybrids. The "Survival Bike" is made for exactly what it's named for. Whatever calamity comes your way (zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, humanoid robot takeover, Sharknado), it'll have you prepped and ready for escape at any given moment. This "utilitarian, military super-hauler" comes packed with a universal rack for all your mounting needs (you know, chainsaws and whatnot to protect yourself with) and fuel tanks that allow you to travel nearly 500 miles without filling up. That's impressive. When the end of the world is here, don't say we didn't try to get you ready you for it. The Motoped Survival Bike will cost you $2499. We know it's not exactly cheap but you can't really put a price on your life, can you?