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IHMC Robot "Atlas" Mimics The Karate Kid | Video

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Apparently robot engineers don't watch movies. Ever. Continuing our series on news about robots that will eventually take over the world, we bring you "Atlas", your new worst nightmare. This human-race-ending-machine was created by IHMC, which stands for 'Institute For Human & Machine Cognitions' (which is a terrifying name to begin with) for the DARPA Robotics Challenge, which seeks to make advancements in robotics technology for disaster relief operations. In the video, you see Atlas attempting to perform, with impeccable balance on his 330-pound frame, the famous crane kick from The Karate Kid. Despite the impeding doom and fall of modern society as we know it, the super android is very impressive, to say the very least. Word on the street is, Atlas and many of his clone brothers will soon be on their way to Boston Dynamics for upgrades and stronger arms. Watch the crazy video below. It was nice knowing you, humanity.

Via: IEEE Spectrum