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Name: Benny Gold
Occupation: Founder/Owner of Benny Gold
Top: Benny Gold (Stay Gold Script T-Shirt), Benny Gold (Terrain Chambray Shirt with Fog Camo Colar and Elbow Pads), Benny Gold (Fishtail Parka)
Bottom: Benny Gold (Selvedge Denim)
Footwear: Birkenstock (Boston Sandals), VANS (Sneakers)
Accessory: Benny Gold (Campfire Speckled Wool Polo Cap), Benny Gold (Paper Plane Key Hook), 1 of 1 Benny Gold x Faraway Lovely x Pendleton (Key Fob), Pentel (Graph Gear .7mm Pen)

Ever since he started, Benny Gold have played down his influences in San Francisco’s street fashion scene and continues to do so till this day. What he sees himself as is a graphic designer first, who just happens to have a clothing brand and a storefront. But one thing Gold emphasized, then and now, is the need to stay true to yourself, a mantra he certainly lives by when he left a cushy corporate job to established Benny Gold. Some called it a leap of faith while others said it was a courageous move into the unknown, but to Gold, it was a declaration of independence, where he can finally express his creativity without the oversight of his boss or the legal department. Obviously, there were risks, lots of it in fact. However, if you’re adamant yet able to roll with the punches, success is just around the corner. And in essence, that is the style of Benny Gold.

Photography by:Izzy Balderas
Produced by: Dan Hwang