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Toys Come To Life in "Figure Fantasy"

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If Darth Vader at a urinal with Stormtrooper bodyguards isn't the greatest thing ever, we don't know what is. Canadian photographer Daniel Picard took his imagination (and ours!) to life in his series entitled "Figure Fantasy", featuring some of your favorite characters in action figure form made to appear life-sized. Using digital effects, Picard takes the sixth-scale figurines and places them in everyday situations. The pictorial brings different universes together, shows Batman blowing up Superman's spot via graffiti (you're better than that, Bruce) and, our personal favorite, a Star Wars Battle Droid sitting on the toilet reading about other droids. So meta, so hilarious. That one really got us going. Check out a few photographs from "Figure Fantasy" below and head over to Daniel Picard's site to see more of his work.