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Frieza Returns In New Dragon Ball Z Movie

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This is it, guys. The hours of waiting on our couches for 33 episodes (mostly spent watching Goku "charging up") has led up to this very moment. In an upcoming installment of Dragon Ball Z, Goku's greatest nemesis will be returning for one last shebang with our Saiyan friends. Fukkatsu no F (Fukkatsu means "resurrection" and 'F' stands for Frieza!) takes place in an "Earth where peace has arrived" but things take an apocalyptic turn when two remnants from Frieza's army revive him using the dragon balls. Frieza comes back in all his final form glory (and weird voice) and seeks revenge on the Saiyan clan. The film will also see the return of Beerus, the villain from last year's Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods so we can probably expect to see some epic fight scenes. Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F premieres April 18, 2015 in Japan, so sit tight for a US release soon after.