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Awesome Do-It-Yourself Sneaker Display Shelf with Items From IKEA

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We thought Albert Hei's giant Nike box was pretty impressive but this guy might give him a run for his money. Some creative genius (with quite a bit of free time) over at IKEA Hackers has made a sneaker display case using your everyday run-of-the-mill furniture pieces from, you guessed it, IKEA. You are all, of course, familiar with the Scandinavian furniture company (don't act like you don't have everything from their MALM series) because you're definitely spending all your money on shoes. The shelf is made from the Expedit bookcase (new version here), Variera shelves, Kallax wheels (it rolls around!) and finished with Dioder LED lights to make sure all your J's are perfectly and beautifully illuminated. Check out the instructions at IKEA Hackers to try your hand at making one and please do post pics so we can see how much worse yours looks. Just kidding, we're sure you'll do fine.



via: Complex