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Peanuts - Official Trailer | Video

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The Peanuts gang pulled an "Avengers" today and released the official trailer for their upcoming feature film early after it leaked yesterday. They blamed it on Snoopy (not quite as menacing as Cobra) and even made a fake news break about it with the headline "Silly boy lets dog leak trailer early". Poor Charlie Brown can never catch a break! Good grief (had to throw this in somewhere), man! The iconic comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz is loved by so many, teaching the true meaning of Christmas and pumpkins and all that good stuff. The movie will feature our favorite characters in dazzling CGI and though it's not slated for release until late next year, fans and even first-timers can look forward to some family-friendly holiday humor. Check out the video below.


Peanuts - pe_c131028.tif