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Botta Design - UNO 24 NEO Single Hand Watch

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With 25 years and 55 awards under their belt, Botta Design knows a thing or two about making watches. Unique in design, the UNO 24 NEO is a singled handed watch, which means the face is divvied up into into a 24-hour format. Throughout the day, the hand will only go around the dial once using Swiss made RONDA 515.24H movements, allowing you to look at the passing of your day in a completely new way. The numbers are written out in military form and even features a color distinction to signify night and day. Weighing at just 43g, they're quite thin at 40mm, which gives it just about 30 meters of water resistance, but it's not like you wanted to go snorkeling in it anyway. The Botta Design UNO 24 NEO Single Hand Watch starts at around $430 and is available now.