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Guardians of the Galaxy "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" Is Free Today

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Even though all the music from Marvel's massive box office hit Guardians of the Galaxy is totally recycled songs from our parents' generation, it was still great and was one of the many things (90 percent of those things being Groot) that made the movie so enjoyable. The album even sat at number 1 on Billboard for a while, meaning at some point in time, it even beat the Frozen soundtrack, which is a feat in itself. Lucky for music lovers, movie buffs, dancers, raccoons and everyone in between, Google Play is offering a free download of "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" today and today only. Be sure to take advantage of this so you can groove to some classic jams with David Bowie, Marvin Gaye and the Jackson freaking 5. Now we only have to wait 30 more years until Marvel rolls out another futuristic superhero movie set to the snazzy tunes of Britney and NSYNC. Can't. Wait.