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10 Moments Sneakerheads Understand | Video

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Getting your new sneakers stepped on is like dropping your new iPhone for the first time. It sucks but it's cathartic in a way, almost like a right of passage, because you knew it was gonna happen eventually. For people that don't understand, it might not seem like a big deal but J's are like family members. Ask any sneakerhead, we bet they'd sooner get punched in the face than get their Concords stomped on. We feel your pain. So today, we bring you "10 Moments Sneakerheads Understand". From being overly cautious when you're out wearing your favorite pair to obsessively cleaning them every day or trying to get the perfect angle and lighting for that Instagram pic, this video covers all the best and worst of sneaker culture. Check it out below.

Via Buzzfeed