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Matt Powell Analyzes Sneaker Culture | Video

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Matt Powell knows sneakers much better than you do. Having worked for several retail companies, including Sports Authority and Modell's, he's observed and been a part of sneaker culture for over a decade. Currently, he serves as the Sports Industry Analyst at NPD Group, a consulting company that conducts consumer market research, analyzing sales and trends. He recently sat down with Expressions to discuss the ubiquitous nature of sneakers today. His guess is that in the future, we'll see some retro Kobe and LeBron models, but doesn't see either of the star athletes as an individual brand. Comparing the two to the success Michael Jordan has had, Powell states that MJ's timing was right on, mentioning the NBA's struggle to establish themselves as a brand at the time and the emergence of ESPN, allowing people to watch highlights and hear more about him. He concludes by saying, "It was an exceptional period of time and I don't think there will be another Michael Jordan in terms of merchandise sales." And we agree. Check out the full interview below.