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RALF TECH WRX Manufacture "Torpedo"

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Since 1998, RALF TECH has been manufacturing professional scuba diving equipment. Now devoted to the craft of fine watchmaking, they create luxury timepieces that feature the utmost in design and technical elements. Their 'Éditions Manufacture' is a series of specially made watches that are handled with expert care from conception to realization, featuring handcrafted finishing techniques and extreme mechanical complexity. The WRX Manufacture "Torpedo" was inspired by a visit RALF TECH founder Frank Huyghe took to a sunken Spanish submarine. Believed to have disappeared, it was discovered 75 meters deep with the torpedo tubes still full. The "Torpedo" is a nod to history, made to look like the control panels on the back of a torpedo tube. With over 60 hours of work put into each one, they're meticulously put together and limited to just 10 pieces. Check out more photos below.