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adidas Yeezi Better Than Nike Air Yeezy According To Big Sean

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Earlier this month, we saw a leaked image of what might possibly be the adidas Yeezi. Though there's no confirmation (yet) on whether or not what we saw was, in fact, Kanye's next masterpiece, we do have confirmation from his friend and colleague Big Sean that the adidas Yeezi is better than the Nike Yeezy. The young rapper recently sat down with High Snobiety and was asked if he had seen the leaked picture. He responded, "I actually haven’t seen the image but I have seen the new shoe. I can’t say much about it other than it’s definitely better than the last one and more improved, just like everything else Kanye does." So there you have it, folks – just another drop in the pond of waiting for something, anything from camp Kanye. Stay tuned for updates.