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Batman & Darth Vader Fight To The Death | Video

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The Dark Knight faces off against the Dark (Sith) Lord in this dream match-up made in fanboy heaven by YouTube gaming channel Machinima Prime. The epic new video is part of their Super Power Beat Down web series, which creates fight sequences featuring some of your favorite video game, comic book and anime characters. On a mission to rescue Superman (get it together, Clark), Batman approaches what the Oracle calls a "small moon." Guess how he responds? "That's no moon." Aw yeah, it's about to go down. He launches a number of bat-gadgets against Darth Vader until they both whip out lightsabers (that's right, Batman with a lightsaber) to duke it out for the powerless Kryptonian (how did they even capture him in space?). Was Wayne's midi-chlorian count high enough overcome the power of the Dark Side? See for yourself in the video below.