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Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

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Just when you thought you've seen every piece of Star Wars merchandise there is, some creative nerd-genius goes and makes something like this. Inspired by the definitely-not-a-moon space station from the best sci-fi series there ever was (sorry, Trekkies), the iHome Death Star Bluetooth speaker is the home audio equipment you didn't know you needed until right now. Let's face it, you probably have plenty of non-functional geek memorabilia on your desk anyway so why not have something that serves two purposes. It connects with all your Bluetooth enabled devices and plays music wirelessly from up to 30-feet away but we know you don't really care about those specs right now. What you do need to know is that it lights up when in use and that, from the looks of it, the sound comes out from where the superlaser normally would, which is totally cool. The Death Star Bluetooth Speaker sells for $60 and is available now at ThinkGeek.