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Amazing Works of Art and the Technology Behind Them

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Amazing Works of Art and the Technology Behind Them - 0

When the usual temperate temperature gave way to scorching high ones in the triple digits and near 100% humidity, “hellish” was perhaps the best PG-rated way to describe Summer 2013 in New York City. Yet day after day, there was a line of hundreds if not thousands of visitors waiting to get into the Museum of Modern Art. No, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa wasn’t on display (she’s still at The Louvre in Paris). Rather, people waited for five hours on average just to experience the “Rain Room”, an immersive artistic experience created by a collective known as rAndom International.

Finished custom pressure regulator, pipes, tiles, computerized control systems and more, rAndom International was able to transform 1,000 square feet of space within the MoMA complex into a room with its very own rainstorm. But the most amazing part of this immersive experience was the fact visitor didn’t get wet, no matter how fierce the downpour got. Quipped with 3D tracking camera throughout, the control system would sense movement to certain portion of the exhibit and shut the water valve supply that part, all in less than a second.

A concept that seemed to by oxymoronic at one time, practitioners of art and technology have bridged the gap between the two disciplines during the centuries before. With the advent of even more complex technologies and the ease to access them, artists are on track to create even more fantastical experiences.

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