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12 Days of Freshness: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide | Day One

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Happy Holidays, Freshness readers. It's that time of year again. Roasted chestnuts, steamy hot chocolate and a shiny new pair of Jordans. With all the sneakers, gadgets and hype-y clothing on your wish lists this year, you boys and girls have a lot on your plate. Luckily, we like you guys. So we decided to put together a little list of our own, featuring some things we'd like Old Saint Nick to put under our trees. We merrily present to you 12 Days of Freshness, our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. Over the course of December, we'll reveal 12 carefully picked items for your gifting pleasure. So without further ado...

On the first day of Freshness our true love gave to us the Woodbourne Bluetooth Speaker from Polk Audio. Much better than a partridge, don't you think? Since 1972, the Baltimore-based audio company has been dedicated to crafting only the highest-quality speakers. Today, Polk Audio remains of team of audiophiles working to find ways to improve your home audio experience.


The Woodbourne Wireless Bluetooth Loudspeaker is a beautiful high performance 2-way sound system. It features a full-powered 4-channel onboard amplifier that provides crystal clear clarity and volume, while the Acoustic Suspension Tuning and Full Complement Bass technology delivers bold, realistic deep bass responses, which is tough to come by in a speaker this size. With clean lines and a gorgeous wooden finish, the Polk Woodbourne is sure to many any music lover happy.


The Woodbourne retails for $600 and can be purchased today on Polk's online store and other select retailers. As a special promotion, the kind folk at Polk (rhymes!) are offering a whopping $200 off until December 6 with the code WOODPROMO. Be sure to take advantage so you can dance through your holidays with eggnog and glee. Look forward to Day Two coming soon!

Polk Audio Woodbourne Bluetooth Speaker
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