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12 Days of Freshness: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide | Day Two

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Welcome to Day Two of our super exciting 12 Days of Freshness Holiday 2014 gift guide. By now, you're probably full from holiday cheer and still recovering from the excitement of Day One, but fret not because we've searched the deepest corners of the Web to pick out the perfect present to warm your winter bones. Today, we're delighted to bring you the ISAORA Bonded Knit Combo Down Jacket.

Designers Ricky Hendry and Marc Daniels founded ISAORA with the modern man in mind. After living in New York City for some time, they came to understand that having an active lifestyle went hand in hand with sacrificing style for practicality. When they created their brand, they founded it on the belief that premium performance and progressive style can, in fact, coexist. ISAORA is dedicated to using advanced material technology to produce high performance technical apparel, while still maintaining a design-forward aesthetic. To put it simply, this is the outerwear you've been waiting for all your life.


This outstandingly beautiful jacket is meticulously crafted using a fine-gauge knit fabric bonded with a waterproof and breathable membrane backing, which keeps it soft, stretchy and weather-resistant. The sleeves and yoke are done in a high-density, water-repellent nylon, while a double layer interior front panel and detachable hood provide additional protection from whatever elements winter decides to throw your way. Additionally, the entire jacket is filled with a premium 90/10 blend of goose down to always keep you nice and toasty when you're on the go.


The ISAORA Bonded Knit Combo Down Jacket is priced at $545 but take it from us, it's a worthy investment that will help you brave the most frigid of days. Head over to their online store to take a look and be sure to check out some of their other products, including the fantastic assortment of sweatpants. You can worry about wearing real pants again once the holidays are over. Stick around for Day Three coming soon!

ISAORA Bonded Knit Combo Down JacketPrice: $545.00Available:ISAORA