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Freshness Weekend Roundup 12/06 - 12/07

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Yo, Freshness readers. We hope you had a nice weekend because this week is gonna be a tough one. Why? It's just close enough to Christmas that you catch that faint smell of peppermint freedom but still far away enough that you have to endure two and a half more weeks of work, school, whatever. But don't worry, the Freshness team is here for you with our Weekend Roundup to warm you down with a few things you may have missed from the past two days. Take a look below for a little Star Wars and a lot of Nicki Minaj.


Nicki Minaj Performs and Impersonates Beyonce & Kim Kardashian on SNL


The Father of Video Games, Ralph Baer Dies At Age 92


Brooklyn Now the Least Affordable Housing Market in the Country


SNL Hilariously Spoofs Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer