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Nike Made A Special Sneaker Just For "Terminator: Genisys"

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If you're not excited yet for the new Terminator movie, this just might do it for you. Do you know who Susan Matheson is? If not, get to know her now and be thankful because she's the film's costume designer and pretty much bothered Nike for months until they agreed to stop production and remake the Vandals from scratch. In the first Terminator, Kyle Reese dons the sweet pair of kicks and Matheson wanted to make sure that the new Kyle's (played by Jai Courtney) outfit was identical to the first. Apparently, Nike suggested that she design an ID using the Air Force One base but she knew that the Vandal base and the AF1 base were different. She knew. And her persistence paid off because Nike made an exact replica of the famed sneakers that you can see in a photoshoot done by Entertainment Weekly. As if Terminator: Genisys didn't already look cool enough, this just upped the ante. By a lot.

Via io9