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Pixar's Inside Out - Official Trailer | Video

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After giving us a short teaser back in October, Pixar has finally released a full-length trailer for their upcoming film Inside Out. The film, which is their first non-sequel since Brave, has enlisted director Pete Docter to take the reigns. You might recognize some other movies he's done like Monsters Inc. and Up. Nothing famous, right? Inside Out follows the main character, Riley and her "emotions" – who take actual shape and control what she says and does (kinda like Osmosis Jones, remember that?) – as they try to adjust to a new life in San Francisco after moving from the Midwest. Starring the great voices of Amy Poehler ("Joy"), Bill Hader ("Fear") and Mindy Kaling ("Disgust"), Inside Out will hit theaters June 19, 2015. Take a look at the trailer below.