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12 Days of Freshness: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide | Day Seven

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Christmas card suggestion for this year – hand make each one using construction paper, glitter and pipe cleaners for every person you know and love this holiday season. No one really appreciates a generic forty-pack dime-a-dozen card that reads "Wishing you the best this year!" with a sad little tree on the front. Elmer's Glue is the true sign of Christmas warmth (obviously). Welcome to lucky Day Seven of our awe-inspiring 12 Days of Freshness Gift Guide. Trust us, you need this.

Remember the fifty plus hours you spent playing Final Fantasy VII? Or how about the first time you played Metal Gear Solid? Maybe you were a Crash Bandicoot kind of guy. It's funny to think that we were once so impressed by the three pixels it took to make Cloud's face (note: probably not accurate). His upper body was just a hexagonal blob and now we complain if a blade of grass goes through Lara Croft's boot. However! That's only because Sony has always set the standard super high for home gaming and delivers only the most excellent products and games. They've spoiled us. We've come a long way since our Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2-playing PS1 days into an incredible eighth generation of video game consoles. That's why for our seventh day of holiday awesomeness, we've chosen the epic and groundbreaking PlayStation 4.


So the main reason we brought up the PS1 (other than the fact that it was amazing and legendary) is because of the beautiful machine you see before you. To celebrate two long decades in the gaming business, Sony released a stunning 20th Anniversary Edition of the PlayStation 4, featuring the same grey colorway of the 1994 (1995 in America) original. Needless to say, this very special edition is very limited to just 12,300 units globally, which means you'll probably have to dish out a bit more than the $499 asking price. But hey, beauty knows no pain (or price tag). If you don't want to break the bank for it, fret not because readily available is an equally handsome white console that comes as part of the "Destiny Bundle", which comes with the insanely popular title and a coupon for a 30-Day PlayStation Plus trial. And of course, there's the standard black one for you younger bucks who have fond memories of the PS2 and 3.



If you're really committed to finding the 20th Anniversary Edition, you can try your hand on eBay, but be ready to dish out some rent money. But what's a little rent money compared to owning a small piece of history, right? Right. The PlayStation 4 White Console Destiny Bundle is available now for $440 (which is actually a freaking great deal) and the standard black goes for $400 and comes with a code for a free digital game download. It might be a safe bet that a lot of you already own a PS4 but if not, make yourself (or a loved one) incredulously happy this Christmas with the gift of game. You can take a look below for purchasing information on all the versions you see here. Day Eight coming at you next week. Merry weekend, y'all!



PlayStation 4 "20th Anniversary Edition"
Available: eBay



PlayStation 4 "White Console Destiny Bundle"


PlayStation 4 "Standard Black"