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Rare Kanye West Interview From 2002

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In honor of Throwback Thursday, we bring you the most excellent of throwbacks in a rare, unaired and unedited interview with Kanye West. In the video, which was recorded way back in 2002 for MTV’s You Heard It First, we see a young and excited West dressed somewhat differently than what we're used to seeing today – the red hoodie and cap are miles away from the leather pants and fur he wears today. In it, he talks music, producing, working with Jay Z on The Blueprint and making tracks for Talib Kweli. Say what you will about the man, but the truth is he's produced some of the greatest hip hop albums ever made, continues to make waves with his own music today and is about to drop a pair of sneakers all of you want but (almost) none of you will have. The man is legend. Check out the interview below.