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Carhartt WIP - "Push to Pedal" Documentary | Video

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"Push to Pedal" is a documentary film centering around a quartet of Carhartt WIP skaters -- Joseph Biais, Joe Gavin, Giovanni Grazzani and Pete Ruikka -- who hit the road together for a week-long excursion of cycling, skating and exploration in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. The crew stayed in Casa Maccaroni in Lajares, located in the middle of a desert on the north part of the island. From there, the team cycled an average of 45km a day, visiting remote villages and cities. A far cry from the typical skate video where a van takes skaters to the local park, "Push to Pedal" is directed and edited by Joe Gavin, a UK skater from Manchester who's been sponsored by Carhartt WIP since 2009.