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12 Days of Freshness: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide | Day Twelve

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Looks like we made it, guys. We've finally reached the end of our Holiday Gift Guide and even though we knew it was coming, it's still a little sad. It's kind of like graduation – bittersweet because you're leaving behind something awesome but excited to move on to bigger and better things. So without further ado, we merrily introduce Day Twelve of the sensational and out-of-this-world 12 Days of Freshness (no drummers drumming here).

For our final day of gift-giving love, we decided to do things a little differently (mainly because our editors couldn't come to a consensus) and pick not one, but two items (yes that's right) for your purchasing pleasure. We know it's technically cheating, but you can't just add a thirteenth day of Christmas, that's against the rules of Christmas. It'd be an abomination. So today we bring you the new and the old, the retro versus a new icon. Both highly anticipated and fervently sought after, the Nike Kyrie 1 "Dream" and fragment design x Air Jordan 1 are two of the sweetest releases of the year and are very easily our final picks for Day Twelve of our gift guide.


Now in his fourth NBA season, Kyrie Irving might just be ready to win a championship soon. With a solid offense and steadily improving team, Irving has a bright and long career ahead of him, which is why Nike tapped him to be their next signature athlete. In the past four decades, Nike has only given 30 professional athletes their own signature editions. This puts Kyrie in the same league as Kobe, LeBron and Kevin Durant (it's a pretty big deal). Designer Leo Chang and team wanted to create something that matched Irving's "tremendous speed and quickness", and so came the Kyrie 1, complete with Nike Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot, a 360-degree dynamic traction pattern that wraps the sidewalls and Hyperfuse construction for added support and breathability. The "Dream" colorway was inspired by Irving's dream of waking up on Christmas morning to play a professional game (this dream will actually come true next week when Cleveland plays in Miami) and includes stars from the Australian flag, a skateboard, his jersey number and a brass musical instrument.



Nike Kyrie 1 "Dream"
Style: 705277-016
Release Date: 12/23/14 (Tuesday)
Price: $110

Not very much needs to be said about this next shoe. The fragment design x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG is without a doubt one of the most hyped releases of the year and for good reason – this extremely special pair will be one of the first that will be "remastered", which is a new approach Jordan Brand is taking with their retros that will emphasize construction that’s identical to the original version. That means no more sneakerheads complaining that that quality on Jordans these days just isn't the same. Designed by streetwear icon and legend Hiroshi Fujiwara, the fragment 1s will definitely go down in Air Jordan history as one of the best collaborations there ever was. With a sharp palate of black, white and blue, you can almost smell the premium leather through the pictures.


The Nike Kyrie 1 "Dream" will launch December 23 and retail for $110 and the fragment design x Air Jordan 1 drops a few days later on December 27 and will go for $165. So which one do you prefer? On one hand, we have a new classic. It's the first of what will undoubtedly be a new legacy in Nike's line of signature athlete sneakers. It's possible that we might one day see a retro Kyrie 1. On the other hand, we have a retro classic. Everything from the design down to the color is subtle and minimal, but has so much flair, style and history behind it. It's timeless. Whichever you decide to choose, be sure to act quick because they definitely won't be around for long (we plan on getting both). Be merry this weekend and stay tuned for our 12 Days of Freshness recap coming soon! Cheers!



fragment design x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG
Style: 716371-040
Release Date: 12/27/14 (Saturday)
Price: $165