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Freshness Weekend Roundup 12/20 - 12/21

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Hey, Freshness readers. Hope you guys are hanging in there. We know it's tough being productive on the Monday before Christmas but it'll all be worth it soon. A lot of pretty exciting things happened in the past few days and we're here to catch you up on some goodies from over the weekend. The legendary Q-Tip gave Iggy Azalea a history lesson in Hip Hop on twitter, The Hobbit destroyed it at the box office (are we finally done with Middle Earth now?!) and the Air Jordan "Legend Blue" sold out pretty much immediately. Take a look below for some Monday funs.


'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' Dominates Weekend Box Office


Q-Tip Gives Iggy Azalea A Hip Hop History Lesson Via Twitter


'The Colbert Report' Finale Sets Series High Ratings


Amy Adams and One Direction Headlined SNL


The "King of Beats" Larry Smith Passes Away


Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" Sold Out Pretty Quickly (Obviously)