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The First BMW i8 Buyer | Video

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Disagree if you'd like but the BMW i8 is probably one of the most stunning and impressive cars of the year. Top Gear Magazine named it their "Car of the Year" and even with its $135,700 base price, it's already sold out in a few countries (some with a 10-month waiting list) and many are being sold at "market value", with a markup of over $50,000 above MSRP. With that much popularity and demand, it must feel good to be Dirk Schulz, the very first buyer of the i8. He optioned the car way back in 2010 after seeing just a concept. At the time, he didn't know the price, any technical data and wasn't even sure that it would be produced. But his love for beautiful cars transcended all of that and ultimately paid off. Check out his story below and be very, very jealous.