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Bang & Olufsen - BeoSound Moment

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For many of us, our smartphones have become our primary source for music. Bang & Olufsen aims to reclaim the concept of a single-purpose device dedicated to music, the BeoSound Moment. It takes the form of a two-sided tablet, with the rear side constructed from wood (oak, to be specific). On the right side is a circular indentation. Tap the center of the wheel, and music immediately starts to play; drag your finger around the circular indentation and the volume will adjust accordingly.The opposite side has a metal face that features a display on the left and another wheel on the right. You can access music you've stored on the cloud via the display, or alternately, you can tap a color wheel -- with the varying hues representing different moods -- and let the device intelligently choose the music to suit your mindset. Look for the BeoSound Moment to be available exclusively at Bang & Olufsen stores beginning January 30, 2015.