HYT Skull Watch


Timepieces from HYT have never known to follow the rules. As with the HYT H1, a hydro mechanical driven watch that displays time thanks to a liquid filled, piston-driven tube, this HYT Skull Watch is extreme, technically spectacular, and far from happy in the typical supportive role that watches play. Although the brand is only as old as the H1, the Skull Watch demonstrates that the brand is still operating far beyond its years, both aesthetically and mechanically. Offered in two designs, a black DLC titanium with green time-telling liquid and a black DLC titanium and 5N gold and red liquid, this new watch focuses only on the hourly designation as it snakes around a menacing skull, forgoing the minute sub-dial. Unlike the H1, the skull covers up the majority of the inner workings, save for the pistons and a translucent back, while the right eye displays the status of the 65 hour power reserve and the left a tiny seconds dial. Even the size of the Skull Watch is imposing, measuring up at 51mm. Designed to captivate and to mesmurize, hit up HYT directly to learn the price for one of the 25 to be made. Happy hunting.

via ablogtowatch