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Marvel & Netflix Reveal "Daredevil" Motion Poster

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Now that Ben Affleck has moved onto frying bigger fish in Gotham, we can forget that movie with Colin Farrell ever happened and look forward to the Daredevil reboot that will premiere on Netflix. Just to get you guys up to speed, the popular streaming service announced that they would do a dark and gritty remake of the franchise after Marvel Studios acquired the film rights from 20th Century Fox. To get fans really excited, it was also decided that the series would be set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means it will share continuity with other Marvel films. This opens the many, many doors to crossovers we've only ever dreamed of. To build anticipation for the April 10 premiere, we've been treated to a simple motion poster that features two red D's against a New York cityscape. Check it out below.