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Land Rover Defender 105 Longnose "Flying Huntsman" Edition | By A. Kahn Design

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While A. Kahn Design has been known to play with toys of all shapes and speeds, including this Ferrari 458 Spider, their bread and butter is tricking out the Land Rover family. From luxury Range Rovers to off-road behemoths like the Chelsea Wide Track, Kahn Design hasn't met a body type they couldn't bespoke. The model featured here, however, comes directly from the mind and heart of company CEO and Chief Designer Afzal Kahn and is set to be the first of a range of Land Rover Defender-based models picking up the Flying Huntsman name. The 105 Longnose is true to its name, receiving 15 more inches to the standard 90-inch wheelbase (hence the 105) in order to help the new 6.2-liter LS3 V8 engine with 400+ horsepower and a six-speed automatic transmission fit. With a bigger engine also comes bigger stopping power, with upgraded brakes and a new suspension and body kit to match. The 105 Longnose will be revealed in-person at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, where it is expected to arrive with an approximately £125,000 price tag, with more "Flying Huntsman" Editions to come, including a four-door version.