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Watch New Sci-Fi Short Film "Atropa" | Video

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Once thought to be long lost in the 90s, science-fiction has seen quite a resurgence in the past couple of years. With the massive popularity of the Star Trek remakes, the pending release of The Force Awakens and plenty of smaller independent films, sci-fi is back in an unstoppable swing. Atropa is a short film made in the style of iconic movies like Alien and Blade Runner, paying homage to the classic works that made the genre what it is today. Created by director Eli Sasich, the 9-minute short follows an officer in the year 2122 as he searches for a missing research vessel in space. Atropa gives a modern twist to a 70s and 80s-inspired aesthetic and sets itself up for what could turn out to be a great story. Check it out below.