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Breva Génie 03 Watch with Pop-up Speedometer

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If for some reason you don't trust the speedometer on your dash, Breva is out with the Genie 03 wristwatch, which claims the title as the first watch with a pop-up mechanical speedometer. In a time of digital dashboards and smartphone apps, there's something refreshing about having a mechanical device such as this attached to your wrist. Hosted on the upper right corner of the case, a stud at the 2 o'clock position activates the pop-up 6mm dial and its three titanium-alloy Robinson cups. Just like the devices you see spinning at the airport, this tiny anemometer catches the wind, spins the associated 45-component mechanisms, and produces a velocity reading. In other words, stick your arm out your window or hold your arm level on your boat, bike, motorcycle, or walk and measure your speed from 10mph to 125mph. The time display uses a 230 component, 34-jewel automatic movement powered by a micro rotor with a 60-hour reserve. The time display sits in the 7 o'clock position on the titanium G5 case, which itself measures 44.7 mm x 15.7 mm. The case is also water resistant down to 30m and is encased with sapphire crystal. Available now with a $56,800 price tag, your first measurement can be the speed that your cash leaves your wallet.

via ablogtowatch