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Chrono24: Modern & Vintage Timepieces

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Outside of eBay, the idea of buying things through an auction is foreign to many of us. The idea conjures up images of a fast-talking auctioneer, buyers with fat wallets, and priceless artwork that is seemingly out of reach. Auctionata, however, is out to change your perception of this unique way of acquiring goods with a business model that not only sources and values their own goods, but by democratizing the often exclusive process.To introduce their wares, Auctionata in partnership with Chrono24, presents their collection of over 60 Modern and Vintage Timepieces, including everything from Rolex to Keith Haring and pieces from Louis Vuitton. As your new entree into the luxury market, Auctionata puts on live-stream auctions with absentee bidding, live support specialists, and accessibility from all over the world. Catch a brief preview of the pieces up for auction from their New York season set for January 31 after the jump and visit the Auctionata site to learn more about how you can buy-in.

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