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Apple Watch Will Release In April

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After its initial introduction back in September of last year and news that it will launch in "early 2015", the Apple Watch has finally gotten an official release announcement. Though no exact date has been divulged, Apple CEO, Tim Cook announced that the very highly anticipated product will begin shipping in April. This will mark Apple's first new product launch since the iPad, which came out in 2010. The elusive company hardly ever makes announcements outside of their usual carefully planned press events so this is a very special exception. Dubbed to be their "most personal device ever", the Apple Watch will start at $349 and be available in three different styles – a regular model, an Apple Watch Sport edition and a premium version that could potentially be priced in the thousands. Cook himself has said that they have received positive responses from developers and app makers, so fans of the brand have plenty to look forward to. Check back for more updates as they come.