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11 of the Best Training Apps for Athletes

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The smartphone revolution is too often criticized for taking away from actually having to interact with people. It seems as though everywhere you go, everyone is staring down into their laps instead of conversing or too busy snapping photos of their food instead of actually eating it. It may be tough adjustment for those of you who grew up on beepers, but it's just how our society is wired. Literally. Fortunately, there are powers beyond our knowledge that can turn phone addiction into something that can genuinely benefit us. The increasing popularity of lifestyle apps has given birth to many that make it easier for athletes to manage their active lives.

We know that not everyone can afford the luxury of hiring a personal trainer. Luckily, there's been a surge of apps that can help you track your workouts, diets and more. There are programs like Pact, a simple but effective app that keeps you going to the gym so you don't lose money or Fitocracy, if you're looking for a community or support system. Whether you just need to be motivated or are looking for an app that monitors your heart rate, calorie intake and BMI, there's something for everyone, from budding runners trying to shed holiday weight to hardcore CrossFit junkies who exercise twice a day. Take a look at 11 of the Best Training Apps for Athletes to get up, get out and get fit for the new year.