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Apple Stores to Use Special Safes for Gold Apple Watches

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With Apple stores set to stock high-end Apple Watches made with genuine 18-karat gold, the company is taking security measures borrowed from a traditional jewelry store: namely, custom-designed safes to hold both the retail inventory, as well as store demo units overnight. The safes, which are already being installed in some stores, will be equipped with Apple Watch MagSafe chargers so that the demo units will be fully charged and operational for the next day of business. Rumor has it that the Apple Watch will officially launch in April, but the pricing is still in contention. For now, we know that the entry-level Apple Watch Sport will start at $350, but the rumor mill gets a little fuzzy when it comes the 18K gold Apple Watch Edition, with numbers ranging anywhere from $1000 to $10,000. Any time safes are involved, it's a fairly sure be that sticker shock will follow.