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Tesla App For Apple Watch

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Ukraine-based developer Eleks has created a prototype app that could potentially allow Tesla Model S owners to conveniently control a few basic functions from the upcoming Apple Watch. Using Apple's WatchKit, they used an unofficial mocked-up Tesla back-end API to create the program. The WatchKit, however, does not allow access to the timepiece's accelerometer and gyroscope, Taptic Engine, built-in speaker or microphone, which proved to be a challenge to the Eleks team. Despite the limitations, the app allows for a number of primary fuctions including locking and unlocking the car, turning on headlights and monitoring temperature, mileage and battery life. The app was originally supposed to be a demo but after receiving a positive response from both Apple and Tesla fans, we just might see it come to life when the Apple Watch releases in April. Take a look at the app in action below.