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Wall Mount Shoe Storage by LoCa

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There seems to be an increasingly number of ways to conveniently and stylishly store your shoes these days. It's a completely different story, however, if your feet are covered in rain, snow or slush from the street. Lucky for those of us who live in places with harsh weather conditions, German brand LoCa has created a sleek alternative to throwing your boots onto the floor to dry. Made with a black thermoplastic elastomer base and a white aluminum bar, the Knax Zjup mounts directly onto the wall by your door. All you have to do is lift the clamp and slide your shoes right in. You'll obviously need to place a mat or towel underneath to soak up all the water but in the very least, this eliminates the clutter in your doorway and concentrates the mess for an easy clean up. Plus, its minimalistic design looks great. You can purchase one today for $58 here. Take a look below.