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LEGO Ideas - Second 2014 Review Results

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LEGO Ideas is a creative mind's dream come true – it allows you, fans of the iconic building blocks, to head up your own projects in the hopes of having your creations actually sold in stores. After uploading a submission, people from all over the world can choose to vote for your work and if you're lucky enough to garner 10,000 supporters, the LEGO Review Board can decide whether or not to put it into production. We've shown you some amazing models like the Star Wars Rebel Snowspeeder and the Ferrari F40 and today, we bring you two selections from the second half of 2014. The first is WALL-E by Angus MacLane, who actually worked on the Pixar film. Everyone's favorite little robot comes to life in this toy recreation. The second is called "Doctor Who and Companions" by Andy Clark, featuring sets and characters from the popular television program. Take a look at the fan-made designs below and keep an eye out for the Third 2014 LEGO Review Results which will happen in late spring.