Olympus Air A01 Smartphone Camera Lens


With the constant improvements made on smartphone cameras along with an increasing number of amazing photo editing apps, it seems there is much less of a demand for actual cameras. Social media outlets like Instagram and Tumblr are hubs for a lot of young, talented photographers that take great photos with just a few flicks of their hands. For this reason, companies like Olympus are creating accessories like the Air A01 to up your camera phone game by a couple notches. The Air A01 is a camera sensor and lens mount that you can control using your phone. Coming in black or white, it comes packed with a 16-megapixel image sensor, a 1/16000 ultra high-speed shutter and 3x digital zoom. All the functions can be chosen using the accompanying Olympus companion app but it also comes with a physical shutter button, giving users the feeling of using an actual camera. The Olympus Air A01 Smartphone Camera Lens will be available starting in March. Take a look at it below.