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Heinz Sriracha-Flavored Ketchup

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America's obsession with Sriracha is sometimes puzzling but it has become one of the most necessary condiments for any and all meals that are not limited to just chicken and broccoli but pizza, hot dogs and even snacks like popcorn. Today we bring good news to fans of the popular hot sauce, which, let's be frank, is probably all of us. Heinz, makers of the best ketchups and mustards, has announced a Sriracha-flavored ketchup that will hit stores this month. Much like the label's other flavored ketchups like Heinz Tomato Ketchup Blended with Real Jalapeno and Heinz Tomato Ketchup Blended with Balsamic Vinegar, it will maintain their signature taste but will be fused with the recognizable spicy chili pepper and garlic flavors of the Rooster sauce. Heinz Ketchup Blended with Sriracha will become available in the coming weeks at your local grocery stores. Be very excited.