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The Technology Behind Fresh Sessions

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Fresh Sessions is a website that that helps budding musicians find and reserve studio time to create their music. CEO Dan Miller, a coder-turned-entrepreneur, got the idea for it shortly after graduating college. At the time, he was interested in songwriting and, like any young artist, was looking to book a recording session but found the process to be so frustrating that he never actually got around to it. That experience served as the impetus for starting his company.

This feature is part of Verizon's ongoing Potential Of Us series, which inspires people to give back to the communities from which they come and tap into their potential to build stronger ones. Miller, who has seen a lot of success with his ventures, sees giving back as "beyond important" and feels that people who have the time and resources should help raise up the next wave of entrepreneurs. Currently, he's involved with Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing technology education to young African-American students, and Oakland Digital, another non-profit that trains design students to create social media marketing campaigns for under resourced, women-owned small businesses. He has committed to helping them define their visions and execute stronger business models to grow their organizations and generate more awareness. Take a look at Dan's story below and head over to Potential Of Us to learn more.