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Streetwear Labels with a High Fashion Twist

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Streetwear saw a huge rise in popularity in the early 2000s, taking cues from West Coast surf and skate culture. But by the decade's end the trend seemed to have fizzled out. At the time, a grossly overpriced graphic tee was the norm and there was no need for brands to stretch their creative legs. However, streetwear made a triumphant comeback some years later and is now more prevalent in the fashion industry than ever thanks to labels that were committed to the movement in its early days and to start-ups that paid homage to the classics but brought their own flavor. Streetwear can now be found everywhere from chain stores to the runway. With a raw and often edgy feel, it doesn't follow trends but instead makes them and you can see the influence it's had on high-end labels like Givenchy or Rick Owens.

The streetwear market is quite a crowded one now, with new brands constantly appearing left and right. But true enthusiasts will know that there are a few that have been around since the beginning, giving birth to the incredible movement it is today. Brands like Supreme and Stussy continue to build upon their strong repertoires with amazing collaborations and timeless styles while newer ones like Black Scale and LPD New York make waves of their own, often being seen on celebrities like Jay Z, A$AP Rocky and even designers like Riccardo Tisci. Head over to Courvoisier to check out Streetwear Labels with a High Fashion Twist.