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adidas Yeezy Boost Cake

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Last week marked the official debut of the elusive third signature sneaker from Kanye West and if you were lucky enough to snag one, you took home a little piece of what will likely be a long and rich history between the rap mogul and sportswear giant adidas. Amidst the bombardment of Kanye news between the debut of his collection and new music, we bring you the adidas Yeezy Boost Cake. Dalia Rabie, who lives in Egypt, was not able to purchase a pair of the sought-after shoes so her friends surprised her with the next best thing – a cake made to look exactly like them. From the color to the foot strap and even the sole, Dalia's friends recreated the Yeezy 3s to absolute perfection. Take a closer look at the beautiful creation below. Hopefully Dalia will be able to order a pair when the adidas Yeezy launches globally next week.



Images via @drabie, @ramsville & @hebamsma