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Breitling Chronoliner Watch

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If the past is prelude, Breitling is out to make a big splash with their new Chronoliner Watch. Hearkening back to the beauty and grace of the '50s and '60s, Breitling's latest aviator offers a vintage look with a respectable price point. The case itself is a strong 46mm, constructed of polished steel with two lugs and a matching crown that all play together nicely with the black ceramic coating on the bezel. Three contrast-colored sub-dials also stand-out with the red-tipped GMT hand offering skilled users with the ability to track three different timezones at once. The watch is secured with either the Breitling "Ocean Classic" mesh metal steel bracelet or the standard Navitimer bracelet, with the former adding to the overall vintage look. Water resistant down to 100 meters and fitted with an AR-coated sapphire crystal, its known stats are rounded out with two days of power reserves and a Breitling calibre 24 powering things inside. Official release details aren't out yet, but suggestions are pointing toward a more modest sticker price and deliver in the coming months.

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